Veye Chest

Meet Veye Chest, our highly accurate AI assistant that supports radiologists with detecting, reporting and tracking of pulmonary nodules

Veye Chest

Veye Chest

  • Veye Chest Detection helps to accurately detect and mark pulmonary nodules
  • Veye Chest Reporting automates the quantification of volume, composition, axial diameters and laterality (coming soon)
  • Veye Chest Tracking supports you in automatically tracks volume changes over time (coming soon)
  • Veye Chest is CE level IIa certified and currently available in Europe
Veye Delivers

Veye delivers superior accuracy

  • Veye is trained using over 45,000 chest scans
  • Veye is independently validated by radiologists against 900 scans
  • Currently, Veye is being validated by the University of Edinburgh
Seamlessly integration

Veye seamlessly integrates into your existing reading and reporting software

  • Veye complies with the DICOM standards
  • Veye is embedded in the radiologists’ user interface

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