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Your automated pulmonary nodule management assistant.

An AI assistant to give you more time for your patients

Detecting, measuring and tracking nodule growth are crucial but time-consuming steps in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer patients.

Through automated measurements, Veye empowers you to focus on complex cases and patient care.

Detecting Automated Detecting
Analysis Nodule Analysis Report

Veye Chest speeds up
your reporting

Before you start reporting, Veye Chest prepares a precise analysis including the location, volume and composition of each detected nodule.

If a nodule is also present on a prior study, Veye Chest automatically determines a volume doubling time and growth rate. Presenting these crucial measurements simplifies your reporting and helps you deliver high quality results to referring physicians.


A clinically validated assistant

Veye Chest can detect pulmonary nodules at a sensitivity of 90% with an average of 1 false positive per-scan. The clinical performance of Veye Chest has been evaluated on the LIDC/IDRI database and in a clinical study conducted at the University of Edinburgh and Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

* Armato et al. ’The Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC) and Image Database Resource Initiative (IDRI): a completed reference database of lung nodules on CT scans’. Med Phys. 2011 Feb;38(2):915-31


Seamlessly integrated in
your PACS

Veye Chest is PACS-vendor neutral and can be integrated into your existing hospital IT infrastructure. The results are delivered to the PACS before you begin reporting, avoiding unnecessary clicks and switching between workstations.

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