The human factors that make Aidence perform better

Aidence brings together radiologists, developers, scientists and hospitals to build Veye, an intuitive and highly accurate AI solution for medical image analysis. That’s why Veye detects better, makes your work easier and saves valuable time. Veye is part of a future-proof ecosystem and works seamlessly with your existing reporting system.

Critical Input

The critical input of experienced radiologists

Veye is trained with the help of numerous highly specialised radiologists annotating and checking over 45.000 scans. Using their input and validation, Aidence has built clinically relevant algorithms with a very high level of accuracy.


The dedication of our world class AI developers

Our Aidence team consists of the brightest developers in medical applications and AI, challenging each other to push the boundaries. Always with a keen eye on what really adds value in clinical practice. By continuously incorporating the latest Deep Learning technologies, Veye becomes even better over time.

Meticulous Mindset

The meticulous mindset of scientists

With improving healthcare as our mission, we want our reliability independently validated by hard scientific evidence. That’s why we partner with renowned scientists and experts at universities, academic hospitals and public services all over the world. We also have a development agreement with the British SBRI Healthcare, quite unique since we are a Dutch company.

Intuitive Touch

The human touch of Veye’s user experience

All our launching customers agree: Veye is the ideal assistant, aware of your needs and hospital protocols. Acting seamlessly within your current workflow, without additional clicks. She won’t bother you with countless pop-up windows either. Installing Veye is easy and she integrates with any PACS reporting system which is DICOM compliant.

Faster Care

Faster and more accurate care for your patients

Patient outcomes improve significantly, as Aidence assists radiologists with both better detection and more specific follow-up. Aidence also allows for hospital procedures to become more efficient. Reduced waiting lists and earlier feedback means that patients arrive faster at the next steps of their treatment. In the near future, we believe the added value of our Veye Chest solution can bring lung cancer screening programs within reach.

Veye Chest

Meet Veye Chest, our highly accurate AI assistant that supports with the detection, reporting and tracking of pulmonary nodules

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