27 May 2019

Detected #1: by Maud

This podcast is a must for everyone interested in radiology stories.

Don’t get me wrong, RadCast is far from being just about radiology. Across the first 10 episodes that are currently live, the RadCast crew tells real, human stories from diverse figures of the radiology world.

The one that really struck a chord with me is the interview with Dr. Hedvig Hricak, posted as an ECR special episode. The piece is titled “Women in Focus”*, and goes far beyond the world of radiology, or even the topic of women in the workplace. It is quite impressive how many hot topics the RadCast guys have managed to fit into a casual 20-minute long interview; from her previous role as Chair of the RSNA, to the importance of networking and ending with a note about AI tools in radiology. Dr. Hricak holds one of the most impressive resumes out there, yet this podcast sheds a light on something equally important: her dedication to give back. By sharing her lessons learned with new generations, she aims to prepare them for the hurdles they will face along the way.

Keep an ear out for this hidden gem as a new episode comes out every month. RadCast keeps it varied by switching between interviews and “Radiology Ramblings”; more casual, but always insightful!

*referring to the first ever Women in Focus symposium organised by the European Congress of Radiology earlier this year.

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